Afrosentail is a one-stop beauty store that features an extensive range of products for different hair and skin types. We have our online store and a shop located in Christchurch.  Be it Curly, Coily, Kinky, Wavy, Straight hair, we’ve got  products to

help you manage it. Dark, light, brown skin types, Afrosentail have products that will be suitable for your skin too 

The challenges involved in finding suitable products for textured hair and products for different skin colors in New Zealand is a task that Afrosentail is set out to overcome. Our online store and Christchurch shop have  a wide range of essential

products for natural hair or curly hair, skin care, wigs and the latest African Fashion ( African fashion will be coming soon).

Our aim is to provide essential beauty and fashion products to our customers at affordable prices. 

We are located in Christchurch New Zealand. Our shop is located at 7/337 Harewood Road, Bishopdale, Christchurch 

Contact us for any inquiry on +642102395673

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