Established in 2019, Afrosentail Beauty store is a one-stop beauty products retailer located in Christchurch New Zealand. We offer an extensive range of essential beauty products for all Hair and Skin types, Braids, Wigs, Hair extensions and accessories and we are diversifying into quality modern fashion to meet our increasing clientele needs. We are an African Store, Hair & Skin Care ultimate destination

Our services include online and in-store. 

Finding suitable products for textured hair, brown skin and beauty products in New Zealand is challenging and can be frustrating. Our mission at Afrosentail is to help our customers overcome these challenges as we pride ourselves in stocking up customers must haves and essential needs. Offering exceptional customer service both online and instore is also our highest priority with much emphasis placed on providing the ultimate customer shopping experience. 

With the awareness and desire to keep our hair natural by using less harmful products, Afrosentail Beauty Store offers our customers over 1000 products from about 100 trusted brands. Be it Curly, Coily, Kinky, Wavy, Straight hair, we’ve got products to help you manage it. The best skin products the industry can offer for most brownskin are sold at Afrosentail. Most of our products are sourced out and supplied straight from the manufacturers. Trust us in providing your essential needs and we would not disappoint you. 

Shop in store at 10A/20 Waimairi Road, Bush Inn Shopping Centre Shop, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch 8041

Contact us for any inquiry on +642102395673 

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