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Conditioning your hair regularly is very important. Conditioner keeps your hair healthy and moisturized. Keeping hair moisturized prevents your hair from becoming too dry which normally damages the hair.

There are different types of conditioners.

Rinse out conditioners are quick and easy to use. They  protect the hair cuticles making them smooth and protecting hair from heat damage.

Leave in Conditioners are applied after you have finished washing your hair. The purpose of a leave in conditioner is to act as a moisturizer leaving the hair soft and easy to manage. This conditioner also helps to detangle your hair without causing breakage.

Deep  conditioners are used to deep condition and ideal to repair hair that is weak or damaged. Deep conditioning helps to lessen dryness and reverse the harsh effects of damages to hair. They generally require leaving in the hair up to 30 minutes with a steam, plastic cap or warm towel covering the hair before being rinsed and the hair styled. It is recommended to deep condition your hair every two weeks to maintain the health of your hair.

Mask provides hair with the utmost nourishment. Hair mask is used to deeply penetrate into the hair cuticles so protein and moisture can hydrate the hair. It leaves the hair shiny, radiant and healthy. Typically, hair mask should be applied twice a week for 20 minutes which would greatly improve the quality of your hair.

Browse through Afrosentail collection of conditioners to find a suitable conditioner for your hair.

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